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Item Specification Matrix Structure Styrene-DVB Functionality -SH Total Exchange Capacity (mmol/g) (dry) Total Exchange Capacity (mmol/ml) (wet) ≥0.7 (Hg2+) Bead Size (mm ≥95%) 0.315-1.25 Moisture Content (%) True Density (g/ml) (wet) 1.02-1.06 Apparent Density (g/ml) (wet) 0.50-0.60 Strength (%)(Sized Bead Content after Grinding) Swelling upon Complete Conversion (%) Maximum Operating Temp. (℃) 100 pH Range 0-12 …

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D101Non-polar adsorption resin

D101 is a polystyrene-type non-polar adsorption resin, the adsorption mechanism is van der Waals force adsorption. The resin has a large specific surface area and a large pore size, and is suitable for adsorbing various hydrophobic substances in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine. The adsorption capacity is large, the elution is easy, and the …

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