Chelating resin

Grade Total exchange Total exchange Water content Density (wet) g/ml Factory foreign The main purpose
(a)mmol/g (Dry) mm≥95% % Type Reference product
(b)mmol/ml (Wet) Wet True Density Wet Apparent Density
D401 (b)≥0.6 (Cu2+) 0.3~1.25 45~55 1.10~1.15 0.70~0.80 Na Diaion CR-10 Selective adsorption of divalent metal ions
Dowex A-1
D418 (b)≥0.35 (Ca2+) 0.3~1.25 55~60 1.10~1.18 0.70~0.80 Na Duolite ES-467 Caustic soda production by ion-exchange membrane method, secondary brine production, hydrometallurgy, etc.
D190 (b)≥0.7 (Hg2+) 0.3~1.25 1.02~1.06 0.50~0.60 –SH Dedicated for mercury removal (14% sulfur content, 100% elution rate)