ES-1 is the earliest industrialized production and application of enzyme carrier in China. It is used to prepare 6-APA from Penicillin G, and its performance is similar to Sepabeads EC-EP.

Picture 1.png

The activity of penicillin acylase immobilized with ES-1 carrier is equivalent to that of foreign products, and the strength is obviously better than that of imported products.

Picture 2.png

The enzyme immobilized on the hydrophilic epoxy-based carrier is covalently bonded, with high stability and long service life. The batch test of ES-1 immobilized penicillin acylase is shown in the figure below. The test data shows that the attenuation is about 21% after 400 times of use. It can be seen that the expected service life is more than 800 times (see the figure below).

Picture 3.png

ES-1 can also be used to immobilize D-amino acid oxidase, DL-7-ACA acylase, and to prepare 7-ACA from cephalosporin C.

ES-1 immobilized acylase can also be used for the synthesis of amoxicillin.